Online 28 Day Slim Down

Nutrition Coaching  & Group Fitness Perfectly Designed for Maximum Results

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In only 28 days, you could tone, tighten, and be ready to take on the summer with confidence.  

Here's what's included in your Online 28-day Slim Down:

This 28-day summer slim down program will take away the stress that comes from typical nutrition program. Instead of counting calories and weighing every bite of food, you will receive a proven to work meal plan, substitution guide, grocery lists, and delicious easy-to-make recipes.  Your new community will support you and encourage you while a Registered Dietitian guides you in making the best food choices for your body.  

✔️Done-for-you meal plans, grocery lists, and substitution guides created by a registered dietitian (RD) weekly so that all you have to do is watch the scale numbers go down

✔️ Motivating live and on-demand online group workouts! All fitness levels welcome!

✔️Accountability, check-ins, and coaching by an RD so that you can stay motivated to stay on track​

✔️ A supportive, private online community so that you are connected with a group of like-minded women with similar goals

This program is for you if:
  • You want to lose inches

  • You want to watch the pounds melt off

  • You want so much more energy

  • You want to feel happier and more confident

  • You want a workout designed by an expert for max results

  • You don't want to feel super hungry

  • You don't want to spend countless hours working out

  • You don't want to follow a short term fad diet

  • You don't want to track every calorie that  you eat

Real transformations from our awesome clients:

*Results vary largely based on dedication, plan adherence, and starting point, most clients lose an average of 2-3 lbs per week. 

Our Clients Say it Best

"I've never eaten so much while losing weight!" ~Rachael B. 

"Even without exercising much I still see results! I highly recommend trying this program out if you're ready to change. This is NOT a quick fix or crash diet. This is learning how to enjoy your food while eating healthy and wholesome foods!" ~Jen F. 

"My body is stronger than I would ever have believed, weight is coming off (down about 17#) and have learned to eat for my body’s needs (thanks Ingrid)."

~ Missy C. 

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