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Gym Culture

We've worked extremely hard to solidify a positive nurturing atmosphere at Core Strength Fitness. As in every other facet of the gym, we've fostered the environment we envisioned. Our members are friendly and encouraging, and will motivate and push you to crush your workouts. 

We take great pride in teaching proper technique and keeping our members safe. The trainers at Core Strength Fitness are happy to provide modifications for any movement. 


Our workouts are different.


We have two core types of training: Kickboxing and Metabolic Conditioning. The kickboxing we offer is the real thing. Our program is the culmination of a lifetime of martial arts in various disciplines. While you get an amazing workout, you're learning real skills. We don't just have a few combos we recycle over and over while you mindless hit the bag. There's offense and defense. There's kicking, punching, and kneeing. You'll get in killer shape, while learning the ins and outs of high-level kickboxing.


The Metabolic Conditioning classes are full-body training sessions that focus on strength, muscle endurance, and fat loss. You will never have to worry about not knowing what weights to use or using the incorrect form as a certified trainer will be coaching you throughout. 

We expertly program all of our classes with great care. We keep it fresh too. Every class is unique so you'll never get bored!

Like many of our reviews say Core Strength is hands-down "the best gym experience".  What are you waiting for? Download our app today and claim your Free Week!


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