Core Strength Fitness FAQ

Do I need to have prior exercise or kickboxing experience?

Nope! You do not need to have any prior exercise or kickboxing experience. We'll teach you everything you need to know! Our coaches will teach you the correct form and provide modifications and adjustments as needed throughout the workouts. 

What is your schedule like?

Check out our full updated schedule via our iOS or Android app! 

How big are your classes?

We cap our class size at 30 people to ensure ​that our instructors can give you the individualized attention that you deserve!

Do I need my own boxing gloves?

We stock boxing gloves that you can borrow :) No need to bring your own if you don't already have them! 

What should I wear?

We don't have a dress code. But we do workout barefoot! Barefoot training has SO many benefits including: improves proprioception (a fancy word that means awareness of your body's positioning and movement), increases musculature in your feet and ankles, improves glute activation which protects your back and so many more! Regular socks and pilates socks are perfectly acceptable to wear if you don't want to be barefoot :) 

What if I have an injury?

As long as you are cleared by your doctor to partake in a fitness program we are more than happy to provide modifications for you! If you require a highly personalized program we provide personal training for a one-on-one experience. 

What are your membership prices?

Check out our membership prices here

What makes your nutrition program different from other programs?

Our nutrition program is lead by co-owner and Registered Dietitian/NYS Certified Nutritionist Ingrid. She will guide you in creating realistic goals and will teach you the best way to eat for sustainable results. Not only will you receive easy to follow meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists but you will also receive a nutrition blueprint so that you can eat the foods you love while reaching your goals! 

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