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Get Fit for the Holidays!

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Time is running out! Your transformation starts in:

Join Our Fit for the Holidays Challenge!


Nov 20th-December 18th

Here's How it Works!

This 28-day program has everything you need, whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, improve your health, or tone up!


Reach your fitness goals with the help of our Registered Dietitian!  


Ingrid, RDN, CDN takes a real food approach to nutrition. You will receive a fool proof nutrition guide, meal plans, tasty recipes, and grocery lists that are designed to fuel your workouts and are personalized based on your individual goals! We will make sure you have the tools to enjoy your Holiday while getting the best results possible!

Unlimited Group Fitness

Get incredible fitness results with our unique blend of strength training, kettlebells, and kickboxing!  In only 45 minutes you will burn more calories than most group fitness classes burn in an hour.  Because we emphasize weight training at a pace, you will also build lean muscle and burn fat while you sleep! These workouts are designed so that even the busiest of people can achieve their fitness goals! 

Goal Setting and Accountability!

The best way to crush your goals is to monitor them with the help of your dedicated accountability coach! You will also have access to our private Facebook group!

All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Our friendly, dedicated staff will make sure that you're utilizing proper form, provide modifications and adjustments when needed, and make sure that you stay motivated! 

Class Schedule


6:00 am Build & Burn with Faithe

4:15 pm Build & Burn with Ingrid 

5:15 pm  Build & Burn with Ingrid*


6 am Build & Burn with Kira

5:15 pm Cardio Kickboxing with Kristin

6:15 pm Cardio Kickboxing with Kristin 


6 am Build & Burn with Faithe 

4:15 pm Build & Burn with Ingrid

5:15 pm Build & Burn with Ingrid


6 am Build & Burn with Ingrid  

5:15 pm Cardio Kickboxing with Kristin* 

6:15 pm Cardio Kickboxing with Kristin


6 am Build & Burn with Kira


10 am Kickboxing & Kettlebells with Ingrid/Kristin 

Amanda L.

 This is the best workout I’ve ever done. I feel stronger and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. 

Shannon S.

Core Strength Fitness didn’t just help me reach my weight goals.... they helped me in every aspect of my life. I am a stronger, healthier, happier and more confident person and am so thankful for the support they have given me.


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Kira D. 

Before joining Core Strength Fitness I had a hard time getting to the gym because I didn’t enjoy working out by myself and I would make excuses for myself not to go. I start my day every day going to the gym and I feel so good by the end of the week! I keep coming back because I love everyone I’ve met here and the workouts are so intense and everyone pushes each other to do their best! Core Strength Fitness is the best place to be no matter what time of the day it is!

Sue H.

Ingrid & Mike and all the other members make the difference!! The workout routines are fun and different so you never get bored. There is encouragement from everyone. It makes you push yourself to be better each time you go.

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