Core Cardio Kickboxing Kingston, NY

At Core Strength Fitness we offer three varieties of Core Cardio Kickboxing.  


If you like to sweat hard with bag work, our 45-minute bag class is the one for you! You will never get bored as we switch up the combos, practice defense, and offense, and always have a killer playlist to fire you up. This class is instructed by co-owner Mike who is an expert in Martial Arts with 25 years experience. 


In our dedicated partner drill Kickboxing class, you will utilize realistic boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing techniques in a safe, friendly structure. You will learn real kickboxing movements, work with trainers and get a full-body workout. This class combines the hands and footwork of boxing, the kicks, knees, and elbows of Muay Thai, and some high percentage techniques from Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. 


Our class format changes on a daily basis to keep our members challenged physically and mentally.  Join us for the most fun workout around!

What Our Core Cardio Kickboxing in Kingston, NY Can do for You!

  1. Burn Tons of Calories: The calorie burn in these classes are real. Depending on a few factors (age, weight, gender) Core Kickboxing burns between 10-15 calories PER MINUTE! This translates to 450-700 calories for a 45-minute class or 600-900 calories for a 60-minute class! 

  2. Learn Self Defense: No one is going to want to mess with you! Learn the proper way to strike, kick, elbow and knee from an expert in Martial Arts! 

  3. Energy for Days: The endorphins (your “feel good” hormone), mixed with a killer playlist, and improved quality of sleep from movement, cardio kickboxing will do way more for you than your afternoon coffee! Get ready to have more energy than you know what to do with. 

  4.  Meet Friends: Meet awesome people that you never would have met otherwise. One of the great things about Core Strength Fitness, specifically, is that our members are AWESOME. There is not a judgemental bone in the house. Core Kickboxing is also a great health-promoting way to spend your free time. Instead of going out for a drink, make plans to kick and punch together! 

  5. Flexibility and Mobility: An under-appreciated benefit of kickboxing is flexibility and mobility improvement.  Do you have a constant nagging lower back pain? This is often due to something called “lower-cross syndrome” caused by tight hip flexors. Kicks open your hips and stretch out those hip flexors! Back pain be gone! Moreover, the rotational movement of punches strengthens and improves the mobility of your core (one of the many reasons for our name Core Strength Fitness)!

  6. Stress Reduction: At the end of a long stressful day of work or school there is nothing better than taking out your aggression on a bag, mits, or thai pads.  This is a great way to blow off steam and get your body to produce serotonin and dopamine which are chemicals that improve your mood and decrease feelings of stress. 

  7. Coordination: Kickboxing improves your reaction time, motor skills, accuracy, and ability to utilize both sides of your body effectively!

  8. Cardiovascular Gains: Improve your cardiovascular health and endurance through Cardio Kickboxing!!  A strong cardiovascular system will allow your body to absorb oxygen more efficiently and keep your body healthier for longer!

  9. Gain Strength:  the impact from punching and kicking the bags and pads (along with the complimentary conditioning and core exercises) create lean muscle and make you stronger! 

  10. Confidence: Last but not least, cardio kickboxing will be sure to make you feel like you can take on anything. Not only will you feel badass and love your results but you’ll be better equipped to defend yourself if ever needed. Kickboxing truly packs a punch when it comes to fat burning and improving your cardio!

Join us at Core Strength Fitness for a Free Week of Cardio Kickboxing