Personal Training Kingston NY



Whether you are looking to improve your kickboxing technique, learn advanced drills, or get in an intense sweat sesh, personal training with Mike is going to up your kickboxing acumen.  You will work with mitts, Thai pads, and other equipment that will ensure your experience is different and exciting every time! Not only that but you will burn up to 500 calories per 30-minute session! Michael Leung has over 25 Years of Martial Arts experience and a decade of coaching. 

Weight Training

Time to get the gainz! Work with one of our personal trainers to build more muscle, get stronger, and boost metabolism.  Working with barbells and other lifting equipment will maximize muscle growth and strength progress. Each session will be programmed with your individualized goals in mind. 

personal training weight lifting

Hardstyle Kettlebells

personal training kettlebells

At Core Strength Fitness, our instructors are Hardstyle Kettlebell certified.  Kettlebells can be the best tool to reach your fitness goal or an extremely dangerous piece of equipment, depending on how you use them. Most people who come into Core Strength are nervous to utilize kettlebells because they were improperly instructed before which lead them to become injured. Although we provide instruction, remediations, modifications, and cueing during our group classes, personal training can help improve your technique faster and more efficiently.